Jul 27, 2023

8 skincare products that give you immediate results.

When it comes to skincare, there's one thing we always talk about: consistency.

You see, skincare results are real, but it's important to remember that products often take time to work.

Good things don't happen overnight, and you generally have to wait until around the four to eight-week mark to see true, noticeable results in your skin.

However, there are a few cheeky exceptions.

Because, friend — there are some unicorn skincare products out there that give you the gift of results, instantly.

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You wanna know what they are?

Well then. Only if you insist.

Please walk with me as I show you eight skincare products that make your skin look better immediately.

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There may be a day when I stop talking about this blessed product, but today is not that day. Because this single-handedly transformed my skin.

The hero ingredient is lactic acid — an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that works fabulously on sensitive skin, or those who are just starting out with acids. It gently exfoliates, while giving your face a side of hydration. I use it in the evening and my skin *instantly* looks better the next day. Glowy. Bright. Healthy.

IYKYK. It's a cult product for good reason. After one use, I notice a big difference in my skin, and I'm swiftly reminded that I need a bottle in my skincare cabinet, always.

Upon first use, my skin immediately looks clearer, more even-toned and brighter. It's literally magical in a bottle and honestly s**ts on some of my other vitamin C serums. So, yeah. Incredibly expensive, but try to pick up a bottle in the sales and try it for yourself — it's definitely worth it.

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I've never been a Liquid Gold gal (pls don't hurt me) because I was scared it was too hectic for my sensitive skin. But then I tried these new peel pads (they come in a cute trial kit) and the results have made them my newest obsession.

The pads gently exfoliate your skin (it contains glycolic acid, like the cult serum) and immediately gifts you a brighter, more radiant complexion, making you question why you never jumped on the ALPHA-H Liquid Gold bandwagon in the first place.

I use many different overnight masks, but this one from Laneige makes a really noticeable improvement in my skin come morning (especially during winter). I slather it on my face at night, my face slurps it the hell up, and I wake up with plump, soft and hydrated skin.

It also makes makeup application an absolute dream in the morning. No dry patches. No thirsty creases. Just smooth, happy skin.

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This little bottle of hydration has been an absolute trooper for my face this winter. In case you haven't come across it yet, it's a huge cult product in Japan, and one sells every three seconds over there (!!!) because it's so damn effective. It's a super-lightweight hyaluronic acid formula, and it comes in a hefty pump bottle that lasts you for ages.

And, look – you just gotta give it a whirl. Especially if you have dry skin. I use it every day and my skin immediately feels hydrated, plump and happy after a single use. Love it.

Okay, okay HEAR ME OUT. It's expensive AF, but one tube has lasted me for so long (unsure if out of date. Refuse to check), and it just feels so luxe and special and smells like an absolute dream.

When I'm not using the Laniege mask, I'll switch it out for this and apply it at night. And, you guys. It's so intensely nourishing and smoothing, and come morning, my skin feels like an *actual* silky, velvety dream. It's just so soft and lovely that sometimes it makes me just skip the morning cleanse and keep my face feeling its beautiful best.

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Have we tried? No? You should. It's bloody beautiful. I actually wrote a whole review on it here, but TLDR; after one use it makes my skin look healthier and more radiant. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and makes them less obvious/dehydrated/on show.

It's the kind of product that instantly makes you look like you drink four litres of water every day (see: my skin in the main image).

Omg, here she goes again with the Benefit mask! I know. I know. But it's so damn good – and obviously fits the bill. This mask pulls everything to the surface (you can literally see little black marks from where all the gunk is being drawn out).

You can use it as a spot treatment, or all over for a deep cleanse. Your skin instantly looks clearer, fresher and healthier after just one use.

Have you tried any of the above products? Which skincare products give your face instant results? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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