Jun 13, 2023

Eastern will showcase Recuperators at THERMPROCESS 2023

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Eastern Equipment has rapidly grown in stature and is now one of the most preferred suppliers in various industries worldwide. Backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructural setup and a bevvy of expert professionals, the company’s products, including recuperators, air preheaters, and gas coolers, have earned a reputation for their high quality, fastest delivery, reliability, and efficiency. Eastern invests a lot into continuous R&D and design flexibility and has skilled and experienced professionals that proved to be one of the advantages for its customers worldwide while choosing Eastern Equipment.

The THERMPROCESS is the world’s most important platform for presenting highly innovative technology and environmental concepts for industrial thermal processing plants. This year, Eastern Equipment has chosen “Latest developments in recuperators” as its theme for the event. The company aims to showcase its cutting-edge recuperators and innovative waste heat management systems, designed to recover heat from exhaust gasses and convert it into useful energy. The company will showcase its products in Hall 9/E50 at the expo.

“With 40+ years of vivid experience and almost 4500+ installations of our recuperators worldwide, our participation at Thermoprocess 2023 will showcase our latest range of efficient and innovative recuperators with waste heat recovery solutions. Our team of experts will be there at the stall, and we are thrilled to showcase our sustainable solutions and explore other innovations during the show”, said Vikas Agrawal, Director of Eastern Equipment and Engineers Private Limited.

Among its featured products, the company’s flagship recuperator is expected to draw many visitors. Eastern Equipment will showcase its recuperators, which use heat transfer to recover waste heat. The recuperators from Eastern Equipment are known to make a difference towards sustainable goals. They feature 40% fuel saving, 85% thermal recovery from waste gas, three months payback guarantee and an assurance to ‘fit and forget’ with their exceptionally high quality.

Eastern Equipment and Engineers’ participation in the event is a commitment to present its technologies and infrastructure globally. It is also to present innovative and efficient technologies that help create a ‘cleaner and greener tomorrow’ aligned with COP 19/CMP 9.

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