Jul 11, 2023

furniture series explores tension and balance through sleek austere aesthetics

Designer sfeho embraces simplicity and minimalism, eschewing complexity and over-exaggeration, through the design of the furniture series Tension. The project consists of a chair – TC.01, a table – TT.01, and a lighting fixture – TL.01, and focuses on creating designs that are concise, neat, and visually compelling. A key aspect of sfeho’s design philosophy is exploring materials that embody a sleek and simple visual presence while exploring the properties of tension, both as a material and force. Tensioned wire rope forms a sleek straight line in space, representing the epitome of minimalism.

Drawing from cable-stayed bridges, sfeho replaces conventional cables with single lines at points of tension, crafting an intriguing interplay between solid elements and lines. The use of wire rope in the art pieces lends strength to the structures while providing a sharp and concise sense of shape from various angles. Wire cables serve as a versatile material with countless possibilities for exploring tension and balance.

TC.01 Chair applies steel, coated cable, cable supports | all images courtesy of sfeho

Through the series of art furniture, the designer seeks to showcase tension aesthetics. The wire accessories holding the frame are fixed to the furniture, and tension is meticulously maintained throughout the design process. TT. 01 table is constructed by fitting the steel plate and connecting the tension without resorting to additional welding. This approach aligns with sfeho’s vision of creating lighting, chairs, and other lifestyle furniture without the need for any additional welding or pieces, relying solely on the force of tension.

The furniture release will be designated as version 1.0, as sfeho plans to continuously update and refine the designs, progressing to version 2.0. These updates will encompass both structural and aesthetic enhancements, further accentuating the impact of tension in the creations.

TC.01 details – Tension series embraces simplicity and minimalism

TC.01 details – the collection explores the properties of tension

TC.01 details – the design crafts an intriguing interplay between solid elements and lines

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