Jun 26, 2023

High Temperature Insulated Heat Recuperators

As your process air enters the unit, it is directed over the corrugated plates in a counterflow direction to the heated air. Heat from the waste stream is absorbed by the plates and transferred to the cooler airstream... then exits the unit as recovered heat you can reuse or recycle. Airstream temperature can be as high as 1500°F. The unit is equipped with all welded bellows type internal expansion joints of a high-temperature alloy. This allows for the expected growth when operating at high temperatures. Four inches of high-temperature insulation reduces heat loss through the exterior stainless steel casing.

Get the added effectiveness provided by 4" of high-temperature insulation with Exothermics, Inc. Insulated Recuperator. Designed for applications up to 1500°F, the insulated recuperator is constructed from special high-temperature alloys. The all welded assembly protects from airstream cross contamination. The insulation between the inner and outer casing of the unit greatly diminishes heat loss.

Exothermics Inc., 5040 Enterprise Blvd., Toledo, OH 43612. Tel: 419-729-9726; Fax: 419-729-9705.

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