Jul 23, 2023

Summer’s Hottest Makeup Trend is Shockingly Easy to DIY

The beauty industry is a world of extremes, and while both no-makeup makeup and a full face beat have both had their time in the proverbial sun (aka the glow of your handy ring light) a satisfying middle ground has emerged in the form of soft glam. If you’re not already familiar, the “soft” aspect of soft glam refers to the blurred, blended effect of your cosmetics, with few harsh lines or heavy coverage. It’s a more subdued, but no less alluring, type of look that is happily much more forgiving than some makeup trends that have come before it (looking at you, double winged liner). With the right technique and a few key Hourglass Cosmetics products from Luxury at Ulta Beauty, you’ll be well on your way to smooth, sultry makeup that looks like a TikTok filter come to life — but better.

As a longtime makeup artist favorite, Hourglass Cosmetics has finally made its long-awaited debut at Ulta Beauty, making your foray into the world of soft glam enjoyably seamless. And while we’re always an advocate for spending a few leisurely hours browsing for products, we decided to tap three industry experts for their go-to makeup essentials from the collection.

Allure beauty advisors Hannah Baxter, Kayla Greaves, and Sable Yong are eager to share their tried-and-tested favorites from Hourglass Cosmetics so that you can achieve your ideal makeup look at home. Just prepare yourself — the compliments will never stop rolling in.

Ambient Lighting Palette Edit (Diffused Edit)

Allure Advisor, Sable Yong

It’s difficult to achieve the perfect glowy but not shiny, dewy but not sticky, and blurred but not flat complexion — especially with powder alone. But this palette has a nicely pared-down trio of bronzer, blush, and highlighter that give your complexion a pearly luster, as if you’re God’s favorite, perpetually bathed in the most flattering lighting. There are no bad angles, no iffy shadows, and no wrong ways to use this, really. I like to use the bronzer shade of the Diffused Edit palette as a subtle contour to define my cheekbones, the blush blended on top of my cheekbones for some liveliness, and the highlighter wherever light naturally hits to create a silky, luminous face look for anytime. I don’t think there’s any occasion — formal or casual — that can’t be made immaculate with a radiant complexion as the statement look. - Sable Yong

Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara

Fancy mascara is an exercise in choice agony. Usually you only get to pick two out of the three: length, volume, or staying power. Hourglass’s Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara, as if you couldn’t already tell from the name, is a lengthening formula that solves that quandary for me. It’s a tubing formula — my personal favorite — which means that it creates a waterproof film over each lash (like a tube), making it impervious to smudging and sweat, as well as easy to remove with cleanser and warm water. What I love about the formula is that it builds length, not necessarily girth, so each swipe makes my lashes look longer without the cumulative build-up that gives you that tell-tale tarantula lash look (which is totally fine, by the way. I think it looks cool when done intentionally, but sometimes that’s just not the look you want). This mascara blackens my lashes too, so it gives the illusion of more volume without weighing my lashes down, so they stay separated and curled. Honestly, it’s everything you’d hope to expect from a product named "instant extensions.” And for the vegans out there, this mascara is cruelty-free — a difficult feat to accomplish when a formula is this sophisticated. - S.Y.

Hourglass Scattered Light Eyeshadow

Allure Advisor, Hannah Baxter

As a millennial woman, glitter makeup runs in my veins, and this eyeshadow pot from Hourglass Cosmetics has been my go-to for as long as I can remember. I’m a big fan of any makeup that you’re able to apply with your fingers, and this formula definitely meets that standard and then some. Plus, the fashion-forward color range means that I’ve collected almost every shade in the lineup to suit my mood. After a quick swipe of eye primer, I just tap in the day’s pick (yes, glitter is appropriate for both daytime and evening) onto my upper lid, layering the color depending on how intense I want the overall look to be. Then I finish off with some lengthening mascara for a high-impact look that, paired with an otherwise minimal face, is just begging to be a part of your weekly beauty rotation. - Hannah Baxter

Hourglass Vanish Blush Stick

Blush is my favorite makeup product of all time, hands down. Since I’m devoted to my sun care routine and do my best to avoid UV rays, my complexion is decidedly pale all year round, so I need a little bit of extra life in my cheeks. A cream blush formula is ideal to help keep your skin looking natural and dewy — almost like you’re not wearing any makeup at all — and this Hourglass Vanish Stick is almost unrivaled at providing that effect (it is in the name, after all). I dot two pea-sized drops of color along my cheekbones, close to my temples, another dot on my nose, and one more along my forehead to sculpt and lift. Then I take a medium density fluffy brush to blur out the edges and melt the formula into my skin. For the summer, the warmer Dusty Rose shade is perfect for helping to fake that sun-kissed look during the day, or complimenting the rest of my soft glam makeup at night. - H.B.

Unlocked Satin Crème Lipstick

Allure Advisor, Kayla Greaves

While I’ve been a lipstick lover my whole life, the dryness my lips are often subjected to with some formulas makes me want to forego color all together. Luckily Hourglass’s Unlocked Satin Crème provides beautiful payoff without sucking the life out of my lips. The magic is all in the ultra-conditioning formula that boasts well-known nourishing ingredients like mango seed butter along with avocado and argan oils. To apply, I simply press the flat part of the bullet on my lips and swipe across until I get my desired finish. Alpine is the perfect nude for my complexion, and it doesn’t hurt that it also provides brilliant, longwear color—and lasting moisture. - Kayla Greaves

Ambient Lighting Palette Volume II

Highlighter is a must in my makeup routine, and I love that this palette gives me three options in one for a multidimensional finish. The Radiant Light shade is perfect to use anywhere on the face, while Golden Bronze is great for contouring the jawline and lower cheeks. I also like to use Soft Light on the tip of my nose. To apply, I either use a fan brush or just my fingers, then blend. The product goes on smooth like butter and always gives me a flawless, radiant finish. It’s the perfect final step for when I want effortlessly glowing skin year-round. - K.G.

Ambient Lighting Palette Edit (Diffused Edit)Unlocked Instant Extensions MascaraHourglass Scattered Light EyeshadowHourglass Vanish Blush StickUnlocked Satin Crème LipstickAmbient Lighting Palette Volume II