Jul 11, 2023

Add to cart: The best beauty products to shop this August 2023

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There is just a certain something about Chanel’s Oversize Illuminating Face Powder—that grants you with a sheer, ethereal radiance in a single swipe. My pick of the three available shades was the Warm Gold, a considered choice on my part for a more natural-looking sheen that would blend seamlessly with my golden-brown skin tones. Whilst preparing for a regular day in the office, I did take to this with ease; applying light strokes of its translucent powder on my cheekbones, the tip of my nose and my cupid’s bow. And though a highlighter brush would usually be the applicator of choice, I did find that using my fingers was able to amp up the shine and grant me that extra jazz of glam. TLDR? Double the dose and don’t shy away from using your fingers on a girls’ night out. – Azrin Tan, digital writer

Chanel Oversize Illuminating Face Powder, $144, available at Chanel

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Clogged pores and congested skin have nothing on Skin Inc’s latest Pore Refiner Device—an LED-light therapy meets pore vacuum meets oxygen facial à la contraption. Despite its many functions, this deep cleansing facial device is no larger than a house phone, and is sure to satisfy anyone with a guilty pleasure for watching blackhead vacuuming videos (myself included). First, the red LED light gets your blood pumping under the skin, while 45°C Water Heating technology opens pores and softens blackheads. Then comes the fun part—impurities are vacuumed into the void, née waste cartridge, before skin is deeply detoxed and oxygenated with a hydro-oxy infusion system. Finally, soothe and tighten squeaky clean skin with blue LED lights and icing technology.

The set includes an Onsen water-infused serum mist, which serves as a treatment for the detoxification step. While the device’s habit of pausing whenever tilted at an angle of more than 40° took some time to get used to, clear and supple skin afterward made the learning curve entirely worth it. Here’s a hot tip: Avoid lingering on the same area for too long, or you might end up giving yourself a hickey. – Faith Leong, beauty intern

Deepcare O2 Hydro-Facial Pore Refiner Device Set, $288, available at Skin Inc

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We love a good lip moment around here. Lip tint, lip balm, lip gloss… Clarins‘ new Lip Perfector is all that and more in one handy tube. With its glistening finish and lip-plumping effect, the Lip Perfector imparts the precise amount of treatment and colour to lips (and cheekbones, so you’re essentially getting a 2-in-1). True to Clarins, it’s not just about the radiant flush of buildable colour the product imparts but the nourishing inclusion of 96 per cent shea and mango butters, rice oil and plumping peptides for full, juicy lips. This was love at first swipe for me. – Alli Sim, beauty director

Clarins Lip Perfector, $38, available at Clarins

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Ease of use ranks high on Rare Beauty’s list of priorities—an aspect of which is clear to see with their latest eyeshadow drop: a creamy, pigment-packed shadow that glides onto lids effortlessly. I put it to the test on a particularly hectic day whereupon I applied it on sans primer. To my delight, it lived up to its claims of being a long-lasting formula, showcasing water- and crease-resistant properties despite the lack of a gripping base to bolster it. Prospective users can expect a vivid wash of colour interspersed with multidimensional pearls; a fuss-free, versatile option that can be deftly manoeuvred to line, shade, smoke out and/or highlight. Blending brushes need not apply—fingers alone are enough to grant a show stopping eye look. – Emily Heng, associate beauty editor

Rare Beauty All Of The Above Weightless Eyeshadow Stick in Compassion, $37, available at Sephora

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The cult-favourite foundation formula is now available in a concealer format that promises the same extensive coverage with a glowing, luminous finish. This can be credited to the inclusion of its photoluminescent complex, which transforms UV light to blue light that eradicates dark circles. This effect also translates to a brightening of the skin to deliver on a visage that looks healthy and velvety-soft. Its potency was evident upon first use, where I noticed it sink into my mien seamlessly, working in tandem with the rest of my complexion make-up to shroud my designer eye bags and cast them in a milky glow. And while I did observe some creasing after six hours of wear, it was easily rectified on my second use after I doused my face in generous helpings of setting spray. – Emily Heng, associate beauty editor

Tarte Shape Tape Radiant Concealer, $47, available at Sephora