Dec 16, 2023

The best heated hair rollers for XXL curls in 2023

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We’re talking volume for days

Heated rollers seem a bit old school – like something you’d see in a 70s chick-flick – but actually, these styling barrels are the fast track to creating salon-worthy curls from the comfort of your home.

While you can’t fault their seriously impressive results, anyone who uses traditional rollers will know that waiting for them to set is not so sexy. So, cue the next step up: heated rollers. They certainly aren’t a new trend, but they have stood the test of time, thanks to their bouncy, blow-dry effect.

We get that non-heated hair tricks are better for our locks in the long term – that dressing gown hair-wrap hack is indeed a revelation – but the just-stepped-out-of-the-salon bounce is a finish that only heated rollers can master. Plus, you can always rely on a really good heat protection spray to avoid damage.

Now, let's talk money. If you're looking for a high-tech option, it's likely it'll come with a high-end price tag too. However, with Amazon Prime Day officially here, there's no better time (okay excuse!) to bag yourself a premium kit for a little less.

If used correctly, heated rollers should deliver that middle ground between looking like you’ve just jumped out of bed or like you’ve spent hours creating the perfect curls. So, let’s start with how to create the best bounce:

Run a volumising mousse or spray into your dry lengths before going in with the rollers – this adds more va-va-voom to the finished look, especially if you have fine hair. As natural as it feels to start rolling from the ends, that’s a big no-no: it can cause wonkiness which isn’t the vibe.

Instead, take a chunk of your hair and, mid-way up, place the roller underneath (or on top and alternate) and wrap your hair around the barrel. Then, roll it up and pin so it’s sitting flush against your scalp.

The biggest draw of heated rollers is that they take minutes to work. Exactly how long depends on the type of curl you want to create. Each set will come with instructions and guidance, but as a general rule, it’s a couple of minutes if you want looser curls and longer if you want a defined style.

Heated rollers are much cooler in temperature compared to curlers – which can reach 220 degrees – so you can keep them in your hair for longer. Overall, limit to 15 mins max, so you don’t end up frying your strands.

Firstly, heated rollers usually come with lower temperature settings than your go-to hair straightener, which means they're still giving you all the style with less damage. The curls they create are pretty different, too. Hair straighteners are ace at creating beachy waves and defined curls, whereas rollers come into their own when you want full-glam Hollywood curls with a lot of added body. In our opinion, it doesn’t hurt to have both hair tools in your basket.

So, unless your hair styling skills are A-list-worthy (kudos to you if they are), we guarantee the best heated rollers will provide you with gold-standard curls like no other wand or waver has before.

This kit wins 10/10 points in the user-friendly category. It delivers both bombshell curls and volume, while also being easy to use and speedy to heat up (a bonus when you've spent all morning trying to perfect those eyeliner flicks). It comes with 20 ceramic rollers, so no strand of hair will be left uncurled. A solid all-rounder.

This kit is ideal for the procrastinators among us – only taking five-minute to heat up, you can get ready for a last-minute night out in no time. We also love the clip design which secures each roller in place to avoid any kinks. As a result? Beautiful, full-bodied waves.

Compact, lightweight and portable, this roller set is an over-packers dream: perfect for popping in your carry-on. It’s kitted out with 12 large rollers which use ionic technology to create a smooth, long-lasting finish. The textured ridges help to secure your hair in place, and once unravelled you’re left with a well-defined curl.

These rollers deliver some serious volume to limp lengths. The velvet-wrapped barrels ensure even heat distribution and a glossy finish to your curls – and they come in two sizes, so you can create definition too. If you’ve got thicker lengths, you’ll also appreciate the heat-resistant clips to hold your hair in a tight wrap.

The only flaw is that the kit comes with just eight rollers, but we can forgive as the Cindy Crawford-style curls make up for it. It may be pricey, but if you’re after a big, bouncy blowout, it’s worth the sting.

If a big, bouncy blow-out is what you’re going for, this set has your name on it. It includes 10 large rollers with plastic pins to tightly secure your hair in place. They’re super lightweight, so won’t tug or pull (a big green tick), and once you unravel them, they leave a large, glamorous wave. It may be tempting to soak your hair in hairspray to keep the bounce in place, but trust us, the curls stay strong enough to last all day.

These innovative pods look like they’d create a chaotic curl, but their unique shape allows you to style without needing clips, leaving behind kink-free waves. The 18 pods heat up within minutes and maintain the optimal temperature to ensure long-lasting results. Plus, the compact kaboodle and carry handle makes it a dream to travel with (well, if you’re packing for a road trip).

With 30 rollers included, this kit is ideal for anyone who is working with a lot of hair: the easy-to-use rollers will cover your entire head to create all-over volume. They come in small, medium, large and jumbo sizes (yep, you’re being spoiled for choice) so you can switch up the style of curl, helping to create a more natural look.

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