May 09, 2024

Grand Parkway light fixtures become nuisance for neighbors

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CYPRESS, Texas — Imagine getting ready to go to sleep except your backyard is lit up like a football field under the Friday night lights.

Cypress neighbors have been dealing with the issue since some massive lights were put up along the Grand Parkway last year.

"It's just obscene, isn't it?" resident Tammy Speeks said.

Speeks and her husband have called their house home since 2017, but one year ago, the lights started going up along 99 at US 290.

"It's now part of our life. We don't have a choice. We don't like it," Speeks said. "The brightness is unbelievable."

Neighbors have shared photos of the same issue. Everyone has tried to find a solution but got nowhere.

"It's very frustrating. We just haven't got any responses at all," Speeks said.

So, Speeks decided to call KHOU 11 News.

"You guys were helping a lady with her water bill, so I thought maybe (you) can help us get some answers," she said.

KHOU 11 News reached out to the Texas Department of Transportation, and within an hour, they said there are shutters that they can put on the high-mast lights that control how far and at what angle they shine. They said they would send a crew to look at the area.

After 12 months of inaction, neighbors are finally seeing the progress they said they needed.

"Very cautiously optimistic. Hopefully, it will help," Speeks said.

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