High Manganese Steel Casting Wear

High Manganese Steel Casting Wear

Introduction: CIC is a leading comprehensive mill liner supplier in China. For years, CIC's mill liner spread to all ove


Basic Info.
Machining Tolerance Other
Standard ASTM
Certification ISO 9001:2008
Various Material and High Performance More Than 30-Year Experience
Transport Package Suitable for Long Distance and Sea Transportation
Trademark CIC
Origin China
Product Description


CIC is a leading comprehensive mill liner supplier in China. For years, CIC's mill liner spread to all over the world along with CITIC's mills. With the property of leading technology and unique expertise, lower cost and higher availability, CIC's liner have won high approval from the customer.

The mill liners are used to protect the shell in order to avoid the impact and abrasion from the materials and grinding medium. Different types of mill liners can be used to adjust the movement of materials. CIC's mill liners are produced by CIC owned Special Steel Workshop and have a large share in the world market with the fine design and excellent performance.

CIC's manufacturing ability is not only embodied in the supplying of mill liners for certain mills with detailed specification, but also, and especially in the on-site mapping, model changing and efficiency improving. CIC hasability to offer solutions for all kinds of mills, such as cement mill, mine mill, ball mill, rod mill, AG mill, SAG mill, and etc.

High Manganese Steel Casting Wear-Resistant Ball Mill Liner


Material: High Manganese Steel, Super-High Manganese Steel, High Chromium Casting Iron, Alloy Steel, Chromium-molybdenum Steel, Low Carbon Steel, or as per the customer requests.

Hardness: as per your request.

Impact Value: as per your request.

Tensile Strength: as per your request.

Heat Treatment Process: Normalizing, Tempering, Quenching & Tempering.

Surface treatment: rust preventive oil, or as per your requests.

Process: raw material purchasing - casting- rough machining - heat treatment - semi-machining - finish machining - painting and packing. Various process conditions are available.


QA and DOC: Chemical Composition Report, Mechanical Properties Report, SpheroidizatioRate Report, UT Report, PT Report, Heat Treatment Report, Dimensions Check Report, Hardness Report and etc.

Quality Control: UT Test, MT Test, Visual Inspection, Third Party Inspection, Customer On-site Inspection.

High Manganese Steel Casting Wear-Resistant Ball Mill Liner

High Manganese Steel Casting Wear-Resistant Ball Mill Liner


More than 30 years experience

ISO9001:2008 Standard certified

Custom-made design

High abrasion resistance

Long service duration

Easy and fast installation and replacement

OEM and ODM are available.

HMCB04 New Type Chromium-Molybdenum Steel Liners:

High Manganese Steel Casting Wear-Resistant Ball Mill Liner

HMCB04 New Type Chromium-molybdenum Steel Mill Liners are a kind of new liners self-improved by CIC. With better performance and property than the common mill liners, HMCB04 Chromium-molybdenum Steel Mill Liners have won great reputation from the final users.

Performance Comparison:

HMCB04 Chromium-molybdenum Steel

Common Chromium-molybdenum Steel


HB 350-400


Impact Value



Tensile Strength



Competitive Advantages:

Self-improved property

Competitive Advantages:

Self-improved property

Of longer service life

Of higher hardness

Of better property of impact value and tensile strength

Of higher hardenability

Widely used and commonly accepted

OEM and ODM are available.

High Manganese Steel Casting Wear-Resistant Ball Mill Liner

With several decades of development, CIC has become the Manufacturing Base of Liner of Semi-autogenous mills.

1. Optimizing Manufacturing Process, Guarantee Liner Quality

Our high quality liners manufactured by advanced process have covered a wide marketing of semi-autogenous mills.

2. Optimizing Liner Design, Eliminating Break of Liner A main working function of the liner is to lift the milling ball to a reasonable height, then fall along right rack and smash against the material enrichment area at the bottom of the mill in order to crush the material effectively. So it is greatly important of reasonable optimizing the liner design and correct guiding the milling ball running track in order that guarantee the optimized operation condition in the mill and effectively protect the shell liner of semi-autogenous mill, meanwhile, can eliminate liner break, prolong the service life and decrease effectively unit wear of liners and milling ball, and improve the hour production per machine.

3. Focusing on Detailed Operating Condition, Improving Users' Benefits Optimizing the liner design based on the wear forms of liners in different operating conditions maximally decrease the crashing function of the liners, and effectively decrease the weight of scrap liners. Improving the shape of liners can effectively improve the relative motion state between milling balls and liners, then decrease liner wear by material and milling balls and prolong the liner service life while reducing the users' production cost.

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