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The best hairbrushes, according to 8 Australian hairdressers

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The other week, I bought a hairbrush. I couldn’t recall the last time I purchased a hairbrush. I had a comb and a brush at home, both of which I can only assume I’ve had from birth since they’re the only two I’ve ever used. The comb in question was missing more teeth than it had, and the hairbrush was probably more bacteria than brush.

When I popped down to the local chemist to pick up a new hairbrush, I didn’t expect to feel overwhelmed by the product selection. But there I was, spending a good 10 minutes gawking at the shelves. There were endless barrel shapes, brush sizes and bristle types. I ended up picking up a Lady Jayne brush (you guessed it, the brand of my existing two brushes).

Choosing a hairbrush is an important decision. For most of us, it’s a tool we use daily. To make sure we’re doing right by our hair, I asked eight Australian hairdressers to share which hairbrush is their favourite and why.

Recommended by: Jayde Younger, senior stylist at The Blow

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At The Blow, our most popular brush would have to be the Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Thermal Barrel Brush 370. This is the most versatile brush as the size and build are used for every single style we offer. We use this brush for styles ranging from sleek and smooth to big and bouncy. This brush is infused with a blend of coconut oil and keratin protein to promote extra shine and create even heat for flawless styling.

The bristles reduce snagging and are anti-static for ultimate frizz control while the handle is rubberised and textured for the most comfortable hold to give the perfect styling control. Overall, this super versatile brush is great for most hair types and we recommend this type of brush to our guests for the most manageable at-home styling.


Recommended by: Anthony Nader, Founder of Raw Anthony Nader

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My absolute bible-of-a-brush is the Mason Pearson boar bristle in any size. This iconic British design, which dates back to 1885, is like no other on the market and the trademark orange cushion pad fills with air through a small hole in the tip of the brush, giving the brush a luxe soft cushion.

For me personally, the boar bristles give hair strands more polish, compared to the other brush mix of nylon and bristle. And 100 per cent boar actually lifts away dirt, dust and debris, while redistributing the scalps‘ natural oils from roots to ends and works a treat for smoothing over unruly hair textures.


Recommended by: Elly Paynter, independent hairstylist

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I cannot live without my Y.S.Park Luster Wood Boar/Nylon Hairbrush, it‘s the perfect everyday hairbrush. This brush has heat-resistant nylon pins for a little more grip on the lengths of the hair where it might get more knotty, and soft boar bristles for softness on the scalp. The boar bristle[s are] also amazing for smoothing hair for sleeker hairstyles. The Y.S.Park Luster hairbrush is super sturdy and resistant to moisture and heat, making it ideal for use while blow-drying hair.


Recommended by: Xenab Allen, owner of Curly Siouxsie

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As a session [and] editorial hairstylist and dry cutter, my styling requirements var[y] from one day to the next. From being on set creating natural waves to big editorial looks to soft natural hair post-dry cuts, I use a range of brushes as my go-to tools. My current favourite brush would have to be the GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush.

I love it because of its versatility and ability to create curls, volume, body as well as lift, especially at the root. It’s great to style shags [and] ’70s flicks with, as well as waves for a softer look. It’s snag-free and glides with ease and the bristles cool down easily as well. It’s a great tool for fine hair and especially good on those humid days. Hot brushes are definitely back and here to stay.


Recommended by: Stephen, Founder and Director Stylist of Stache

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Olivia Garden is a well-known brand in the hair industry and [its] brushes are highly regarded for their quality and performance. We also love Y.S.Park brushes here at Stache! Y.S.Park is another popular brand among hairstylists, known for its innovative designs and high-quality materials. Both Olivia Garden and Y.S.Park are respected brands in the hairstyling community, and their brushes are often praised for their functionality and durability. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the stylist!


Recommended by: Becc Snow, Founder of Alchemy Salon


My favourite hairbrush to use in the salon is my Dyson Vented Barrel Brush, I use it on every client and am very protective over it in the salon! It is the perfect size for almost all hair types and gives the most beautiful smooth result every time. It has a metal barrel [that] heats up as you blow-dry and acts as a hot roller – giving extra hold and setting power. It’s also bright purple so what’s not to love!

My favourite brush to use on myself however is The Detangler Brush by O&M; the perfect all-rounder. It’s super lightweight and has soft, flexible bristles which allow detangling without tension and breakage on the hair and it’s baby pink, need I say more.


Recommended by: Tara-Lee Mitchell, Founder of Mitch Studio

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My favourite brush of all time is the Mason Pearson boar bristle and nylon hairbrush. [It‘s] so beautiful to use and leaves so much shine! [It‘s] also great for stubborn knots. A cheaper dupe (which I have myself at home) is the bristle brushes from Muji. They‘re excellent value and are great to keep in your gym bag.

Recommended by: Charlotte Archer, Founder of Bob Hair

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I adore the Y.S.Park brushes from Japan, they’re your best friend when it comes to blowdrying. The brushes are incredibly lightweight and feature natural teak handles and a combination of boar bristles and heat-resistant nylon pins, allowing the hair to form smooth luscious curls.

They are also gentle enough to provide extra care to fine or porous hair. Since they are metal-free, these brushes can be left in the hair like rollers, adding volume when removed without tangling or burning the hair. They are slightly pricier, but will last you a lifetime and will never compromise your hair’s health!

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