Feb 08, 2024

These $8 Conair Foam Rollers Give You Curls That Last

Get curls that last, minus the heat damage.

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We have all fallen victim to spending hours curling our hair, only to have the curls completely fall the second you step outside. No matter how much hairspray you use, unfortunately, the results are the same. But I have a secret to getting those old Hollywood glam curls that last up to four days: these $8 Conair Foam Rollers from Amazon.

The jumbo sponge rollers come in a multi-colored pack of eight, with each spanning 1.38 inches in diameter and 5.7 inches long. Made entirely of foam, the exterior is soft but firm, though a long wire is encapsulated inside to easily bend and manipulate the roller, holding it in place when you wrap the wire around your strands. This makes them great for heatless overnight styling as you don't have to fuss with clips and bobby pins to keep the rollers secure.


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I have been using these rollers for over six years, and regardless of whether I’ve had straight hair or locs, my curls hold up all day and last for several days at a time. I purchased three packs of the rollers, using more for tighter, more defined curls, but I only need one pack when I want loose, beachy waves. From trial and error, I have found that the more rollers I use, and the tighter I wrap each roller, the longer the curls hold.

I pop in these rollers before bed and wake up to gorgeous curls that last with minimal effort — and without the heat damage. These sponge rollers are a dream to sleep on compared to flexi rods or perm rods since they don't pinch or pull and stay in all night. You can also use the rollers for daytime hairstyling as a bun shaper to get that perfect donut look.

InStyle / Jailynn Taylor

While I have been raving about these rollers to my friends for years, Amazon shoppers are doing the same: "Each of my friends has had success with the curlers and is as obsessed as I am," said a reviewer who introduced the rollers to two friends with different hair textures. One five-star reviewer said "Curls last three days" on their “super straight” hair. Another shopper with long hair shared that they’re "firm but still very comfortable if [you’re] sleeping with them."

Say goodbye to curls that only last two hours. These Conair Foam Rollers are your new best friend for long-lasting, heatless waves, and they're only $8 on Amazon.

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